Getting fire safety-related services and products should not be a painful and costly process.

Have you felt frustrated by other fire protection companies?

  • Tired of technicians not showing up?
  • Most companies giving you expensive and unreasonable quotes?
  • Don't trust other contractors with your home or business?
  • Are you dealing with fire department citation that needs quick and professional attention?

We are an Authorized Distributor of these Fire Safety Products:

South Bay Fire was recently awarded a Schedule 84 GSA Contract, #47QSWA20D0070.


Great Customer Service

Our knowledgeable technicians and friendly office staff are here to assist you with all of your fire protection needs.


Eliminate Costly Citations

We will track the required services needed and notify you at the appropriate times, so you can save money.


Peace of Mind

You can sleep better at night knowing that you and your business will be safe in case of a fire.

Our Services


Fire Extinguisher

South Bay Fire, Inc. specializes in portable fire extinguisher sales, inspection, recharge & repairs. California Title 19 Life and Safety code require fire extinguishers to be serviced and certified annually.


Fire Sprinkler & Standpipes

Allow our experienced and knowledgeable fire protection contractors to test, service and maintain your sprinkler and standpipe system per NFPA 25 as amended by CCR Title 19.


Fire Suppression

At South Bay Fire Inc., we plan, design, install and perform required semi-annual service for commercial kitchen fire suppression systems. Commercial kitchens are one of the most risky locations in which fires start.

What Customers Say

Russ S.

"Serving your fire extinguisher seems like a simple but annoying need, but they made it one of the most pleasurable and easy annual tasks."

Charlotte L.

"Gosh, this is the best place for anyone that has fire extinguishers to be recharged or even replaced. It's a family business for years and fire captains throughout."

Tony B.

"Took my CO2 tank in. They filled it for me and gave me tips and washers just in case I didn't have them. Price was great and I'm definitely coming back."

Our goal is to ensure your property is properly equipped to handle any fire emergency.

South Bay Fire, Inc. has been family owned and operated since 1954, serving the Greater Los Angeles area. Founded by well respected World War II veteran, and City of Manhattan Beach fire captain, Howard A. Freeman, we take pride in providing quality fire protection products. As an authorized distributor of Amerex fire equipment, we offer a wide variety of fire extinguishers and accessories suitable for virtually any application.

At South Bay Fire, Inc., we are committed to protecting lives and property. No matter how small or large the job, our highly trained team does it all. Contact us today so we can help ensure your environment is fire safe.